Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shara's 46th Birthday Lunch

Keri, Shara, me and Mandi had lunch at C0cina Superior for Shara's birthday.

More Playing on 3/19/2011

Sam holding my finger, walking in the green grass.

Sam's new Nike ball cap from Nonna.

Sam is blowing on a dandilion bloom.

Sam riding on his four wheeler at Nonna's.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walking Trail 3/19/2011

Keri and Sam walking on the trail at the bird santuary.

Look what I found! A baby turtle!

Nonk Nonk said to put the turtle down at the edge of the water and when Sam did, the turtle went straight down into the water and disappeared.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sam's visit 2/12/11

Took Sam to feed the ducks.

Mamaw Jean came be for a visit

Look Mommie, we made it to church.

Me and Nonk Nonk at church.

I founds the toys!!

First time to mow Nonna's lawn.

Here Nonk Nonk, stand back and let me do that.

Jake's visit 1/29/11

Jake sitting in a basket watching Nonk Nonk shave.

When do I get to do that?

Took Jake to eat lunch and feed the ducks. Here they come Jake!!!

Jake gets relaxed after eating and watching the ducks.

And now he's really relaxed. Better go home.

Ok, I'm relaxed now. Sleeping...

Jake playing the keyboard.

Look Mommie, I made it to Church.

Ok, where's the toys?

Mall Carousel 1/15/11

Got to get use to this mommie...