Friday, October 9, 2009

My Nonni

This is a picture of Nonna Taliaferro and Grandmother Katie. They were both widows for many years and my mom and dad always took care of them to the very end. They were such loving and caring people. I've always hoped I would receive each of their best traits. Nonna was always the strong disciple and Katie was always cuddling and loving. Loved my Nonna's fried okra and candied yams the best and Katie's fried apple pies and baked chicken. They were both married to the same man all of their lives and stayed close to family and friends.This is my great grandmother McGriff. She is Katie's mother and was such a happy person. She would ride me on her back like she was a pony. Wish she could have stayed with us a little longer.

This my dad, Jerry and his dad, Hubert. They were walking down Broad Street in front of McClellans or what is now Nelson's. Looks like Grandaddy Taliaferro had a few teeth missing.
This is daddy's family outside their house on No. 9 th street. Pictured is Grandaddy, Nonna, Aunt shelby, then dad, their cousin - Rita Fay, then Uncle Lanny. Don't know what the dog's name. Update:
Hey Deb,

I remember we had two Cocker Spaniels at different times. This looks like the lighter colored one that was named Buff, I think. The one that was more of a reddish color was named Gypsy. Hope this helps.

Love you too,
Uncle Lanny
My brother, David, with Grandaddy Henry Dunlap who died about a month before I was born and Grandmother Katie Dunlap at Christmas.

Grandaddy's Dunlap in the middle and his brother in laws.

Is there anything better?

The Perfect Black & White

Jake's first visit to Nonna's

Nonk Nonk's Guitar

It's your room now

Welcome to Nonna's

Sam's First Visit to City Hall

Sam's First Visit to Nonna's House

Sam & Jake's First Meeting

Nonna's lap gets alittle smaller

Our First Meeting 8.20.2009

My second grandson, Jake Clark, was born 8.20.2009. This is our first meeting.

Nonna Deb, Nonk Nonk and Jake on 8.20.2009

Our First Meeting 8.8.2009

My first grandson Sam Monroe was born on 8.8.2009. This was our first meeting.

Nonna, Nonk Nonk and Sam 8.8.2009