Monday, May 3, 2010

Mama in Memphis

Mandi and Jared went to Memphis in May over the weekend and I got to keep Jake from Thursday night to Sunday night and it was a fun filled weekend. Friday afternoon me and Tony took Jake to meet mother at the park. Jake loved swinging and the slide.
Jake's bumbo surely helped me out at bathtime.
Saturday, me, Tony, Mother and Jake took a trip to Shara's to watch Dalton play in a baseball tournament. We met Keri, Mike and Sam at Shara's before the game and had lunch.
The boys look like they are having fun at the game, but Jake cried everytime the stands cheered for the team. Jake and Sam eat and changed into their PJs before we left, so they were ready for bed as soon as we got home.
Early Sunday morning before the storms, Tony and I took Jake for a walk down Turrentine and made some pictures since the flowers are blooming.
We love all the cute homes.
And all the big old trees that shade the way.
This is a magnificent home that makes a pretty picture.
I think we were having to take breaks along the way and it was just another excuse to take a picture.

I think this is Keri's favorite story book house.
These iris line the driveway of the same home we made the boys picture in the tulips blooming on Easter. Jake enjoys seeing the flowers up close.
Now, this is my white rose, pink old timey rose and yellow euonymus back at home.
Resting on the porch.
The video is Jake swinging at the park on Friday afternoon.